We hope you've had a restful and joyful Thanksgiving!

For the last two years we’ve presented special projects or needs around campus for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which has come to be known as Giving Tuesday.

This year we would like to propose an audio/video system for the parish hall, which would benefit groups across campus. At funeral luncheons, the deceased’s family could easily broadcast pictures to the televisions and play their favorite songs. Promotions and advertisements could be displayed during parish events. Items for our School Auction could be displayed for everyone to easily see. Videos could be broadcast from a phone for youth group gatherings. Visiting speakers would have an easy way to display their presentations. The list goes on and on…

Giving Tuesday 2019.jpg

This project includes four 65” televisions to be mounted along the south wall of the parish hall, with a centralized Bose speaker that would allow for easy access, be it for microphone usage, background music, or audio accompanying the videos or presentations on the TV’s. Google Chromecast and Apple TV devices, along with a DVD player, will give users seamless access.

The total costs will be right at $5,000, but the project can be phased in if we don’t meet the full goal.

Donations may be made by clicking the "Giving Tuesday" button below, by using the kiosk in the church vestibule, or by cash or check--just note “Giving Tuesday” on your envelope or check.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Giving!