Why Have a Legacy Society?

The purpose of a Legacy Society is to assist Sacred Heart Church in meeting the needs of the Parish for generations to come.  Gifts to Sacred Heart Church are acts of hope for the future. Through God’s grace and your generosity Sacred Heart Church will be well equipped to serve future generations. The Legacy Society will honor individuals or families who remember Sacred Heart Church in their estate plans, will encourage others to consider the Parish in their estate plans, and will express appreciation to those who have included Sacred Heart Church in their estate plans. Jim Kessler is chairperson of the Sacred Heart Legacy Society.



Legacy Society Membership

If you have included Sacred Heart Church in your estate plan, you are already qualified for Legacy Society membership. If not, including Sacred Heart Church in your estate plan now or in the future qualifies you for membership. While recognition often inspires generosity in others, you have the option to remain anonymous.



What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving refers to gifts made from assets accumulated during one's life rather than writing a check from current income. Usually these gifts are part of an overall estate plan. Examples of these types of gifts are given below:


Bequest - Designate a gift to Sacred Heart Church in your will or trust.


Charitable Gift Annuity - In return for a donation, you receive a fixed income for life.


Charitable Remainder Trust - Transfer assets irrevocably to a trust and receive an income for life with the remainder going to Sacred Heart Church.


Retained Life Estate - Gift your residence to Sacred Heart Church and retain the right to live there for the remainder of your life.


Beneficiary Designations - Include Sacred Heart Church as a beneficiary on a certificate of deposit, an annuity, an IRA, or a retirement plan.


Life Insurance - List Sacred Heart Church as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or gift a policy you no longer need.



Why do people give to the church through their estate plans?

Planning an estate gift allows you to strategically accomplish both financial and charitable objectives. For many people these include preserving the family name, honoring loved ones, providing for heirs, minimizing tax burdens, and supporting the faith community they call home. Bequests to Sacred Heart Church are tax deductible for your estate taxes.



When should I include the gift in my estate plan?

Any time you are drafting or changing your will or estate plan, you may want to consider charitable legacy gifts. Your financial or legal advisor can provide professional guidance related to your specific estate. When you notify Sacred Heart Church of the intent of a gift, you automatically become a member of the Legacy Society.