Directions for Marriage Formation

Congratulations again on your engagement! We are looking forward to serving you during this important time in your lives.


Listed below are the steps you need to complete in anticipation of your wedding. Timeliness is essential. We ask engaged couples to approach us at least nine months prior to their proposed wedding date. All paperwork must be completed at least one month prior to their wedding, but the majority of the work must be finished far in advance of this deadline for the final paperwork.


  1. Complete our Wedding Application Form within one week of receiving Father’s email with the link to this webpage. Click HERE to access the Wedding Application.

  2. Within a few days of submitting the Wedding Application, both bride and groom will receive an email from Fully Engaged containing links to an inventory which bride and groom must complete privately. This inventory contains many questions about communication, family history, parenting styles, etc. Don’t read into the questions. This inventory is not pass or fail, but an instrument to help you understand one another better, and strengthen any areas we can. Upon completion of the inventories, your results will be scored and sent to Father, and you will be asked to purchase workbooks. Begin to work through the workbooks together, going through a few lessons a week. When you have completed your workbooks, email Father to arrange a time to discuss the inventory and your workbooks. During this meeting you will also complete the necessary paperwork for your wedding. This meeting should occur 3-6 months prior to your wedding.

  3. Your lives as husband and wife will be lived within the broader context of being Christ’s disciples. Every couple must attend Father’s Disciple Presentation. This two-hour presentation will be offered on: Sunday, February 16 at 4pm; Thursday, April 30 at 6pm; Sunday, June 7 at 4pm; Sunday, August 23 at 4pm; Thursday, October 8 at 6pm; Sunday, December 6 at 4pm. Please register by emailing Marcie Logsdon:

  4. Participate in Father’s three-part class with other engaged couples. He schedules these on an as-needed basis.

  5. While Father’s classes take a birds-eye, philosophical view of marriage, the “nuts and bolts” of marriage are essential. To this end, each engaged couple must either participate with a mentor couple, meeting several times over several weeks, or participate in a weekend retreat held in Wichita or Kansas City. Both options consistently receive fantastic reviews. Register with our mentor couple HERE, or register for the retreat by clicking WICHITA or KANSAS CITY. Registration should be completed within one month of receiving Father’s email. Space is limited.

  6. Complete the introductory session of Natural Family Planning, which examines human sexuality within the context of marriage. Register HERE. Should you wish to participate in the full Natural Family Planning course, the parish will offset this additional expense. Please choose this option on the registration form.

  7. As soon as you would like, but for sure by three months from your wedding, you will need to select scriptural readings. If both bride and groom are (or will be) Catholic by your wedding, click HERE to complete this planning form and review the readings. If one of you is not Catholic, click HERE to complete your planning form and review the readings for your ceremony.

  8. We are blessed to have a wedding coordinator and music director/accompanist, both of whom are professionals and so very helpful. Our wedding coordinator and music director are required to be a part of all weddings. Outside musicians are not permitted. Their combined fee is $350 (which also includes a vocalist) and will be collected by Paula Roper, our wedding coordinator. She and Michael Duryea, our music director, will be in touch with you to go over the details of your wedding day.