VIRTUS Training

Protecting God’s Children   


Dear Parish members:


With seat belt safety, our society has accepted our duty to ensure the safety of children which is reinforced by constant education and data on the reduction in death and injury rates with seat belt use.  We have seen a gradual shift in public behavior with seat belts becoming the norm for most Americans. Those same principles of education, research and changes in behavior are working in the efforts to make the prevention of child sexual abuse the norm in our Church and our world. 


We all bear responsibility for ensuring that children are safe and are not harmed in homes, schools, churches, on playgrounds or at the mall – wherever children are.  We encourage all parents to attend Virtus, Protecting God’s Children training session.   If you are a volunteer in any capacity, you are required to attend the training and complete the required documents prior to working with children.  


This 3 hour series of videotaped statements from abuse perpetrators, child victims and parents is intended to educate adults for the safety of our children.


  • If you attended Virtus in the past, you do not need to come again.

  • If this is your first year as a volunteer, please plan to attend Virtus.


Our next VIRTUS session dates are: 

There currently is no session scheduled at Sacred Heart.

Due to Covid19, online training that meets the Virtus requirement is available.


Please visit to view upcoming training sessions within the Archdiocese.


If you would like to take VIRTUS training or been asked to become a VIRTUS trained Volunteer or Staff, please use the contact information below.


Any adult who helps in our school/child care center must have this training prior to being with our students. This includes parents who want to go on field trips or assist in the classrooms or help at school parties.


There is no cost for the class.

Preregistration is required and must be completed online at  If you do not have internet access or need assistance with the online registration, please contact the parish office.  


The online preregistration process takes a minimum of 30 minutes to complete.  Please allow enough time to complete the entire online process.  The following online forms are completed during the registration process:

  • Background Check (there is no cost for this).

  • Code of Ethical Standards document.

  • Child Protection Policy document.

  • Archdiocesan Harassment Policy document.



Please contact our Virtus coordinator, Marcie Logsdon, 620-342-l061 or with any questions.