Altar Server

Training for this ministry begins with young people in grade 5.  This ministry is open to any parish member who is of age and has completed training.  Servers assist the priest at the altar before and during Mass and at other designated liturgical celebrations.  Training is offered in the spring and individually throughout year.

Contact: George Abel @ 342-6332.



Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers are trained to assist the priest with the distribution of the Holy Eucharist during Mass.  Ministers may also be trained to take Holy Communion to individuals who are shut-in, hospitalized, or homebound. Any person confirmed in the Catholic faith is able to serve in this ministry.  Periodic faith formation is encouraged.

Contact: Cindy Lore @ 343-2734




These ministers welcome parishioners and visitors to weekly Mass and to other liturgical celebrations. They invite visitors to sign the guest registry and encourage new parishioners to register with the church office.

Contact: Parish Office @ 342-1061




Lectors proclaim the Word of God during the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations.  Training is offered on an individual basis. Periodic faith formation is encouraged.

Contact: Marilynn Wilson @ 343-1659



Liturgical Art & Environment

This ministry is for individuals who would like to use their time and talent in the beautification of our worship space.  Time is needed for general sanctuary decorating with extra time required biannually at Easter and Christmas to prepare the worship space for the respective seasons.

Contact: Paula Roper @ 342-8442



Music Ministry

This ministry provides the music that is integral to our prayer and worship.  Ministers of music are needed as choir members, cantors, organists, pianists, and instrumentalists. Sacred Heart Church has two choirs in which to participate: the children’s choir (grades 3-8), and the adult choir (high school-adult).  

Contact: Michael Duryea, Director of Music Ministry @ 342-1061 x209.



These ministers welcome God’s people to worship and accept their gifts.  They assist with seating, distributing The Memo, and preparing the church for the next liturgy or celebration.

Contact: Ron Dinkel @ 343-3482